You found my site. Lucky you.

Whilst here, you can explore and find:

  • triathlon tips and suggestions;
  • trials, reviews, and reflections, upon training and eating for, as well as racing in Triathlons;
  • information on my current gear;
  • equipment and technologies that I am currently playing with.

If you choose to take the time to read and explore this site then you will find that it documents the triathlon training and competition exploits of an Aussie guy. Swim, bike, and run. Its that simple….(maybe I can add “eat” to that list).

Why Document?

Reviewing what I have done is the best way for me to improve on what I’m doing. I am relatively new to triathlon (with only 2 olympic triathlons completed as of Apr 6, 2016). Prior to competing in Triathlon, I had a few years of half marathon running. After an injury (put it down to lack of proper recovery), I decided that triathlon might be easier on my body than running. . When I was run training, I was on the road every day, pounding away on knees and ankles and hips….without any real break. This constant use takes its toll and eventually twinges and pain made the whole thing rather unpleasant. Triathlon training has shown me that I get good recovery between sessions, meaning no twinges or pain. I might run on a Monday, but then Tuesday and Wednesday are bike and swim training. I don’t use my running legs again until Thursday, so my legs recover, and feel great again by the next session. I can fully understand why so many people are moving to triathlon as their choice of sport. I want train for triathlon more effectively. I want get better times. Also I’d like to know that at all times, I am performing at my best. So I document. My goals for a race? Enjoy it, Finish, and don’t hurt myself. Best times will come with better training. If <trainwell> then <finishfast> I am learning, please add if you wish.