2 weeks of “Base 2” training ahead.

Base 2

Uh huh. Base 2.  Yep. Sounds great. Sounds kinda “pro”…what is it again?

Well base 2 training, according to “triathlon’s most trusted guide” , comes after base 1. with the addition of:

sport-specific muscular force training with hill work incorporated into steady, moderate effort bike and run workouts. I described these here. For swimming, paddles and drag devices will help to create more force.

I’ll also include some 3-zone muscular endurance training now. This could be something such as 2 x 20 minutes (5-minute recoveries) or 3 x 12 minutes (3-minute recoveries). The hard part here is getting the athlete to hold back and stay in zone 3. Many want to bump it up to zone 4. There will be lots of time for that later on.

Aerobic endurance and speed skills workouts continue as before. The endurance sessions continue to get longer as the skills sessions continue as in Base 1.

Joe Friel

So for me…entering base 2 phase I get 2 workouts in each sport per week. I figure one endurance and one force rep. So a running week would look like a Monday 12 km run (65 mins at current pace) and within this run try to accumulate 10 to 20 minutes of running in zone 3 (163 to 171 bpm). Then the next running workout on Thursday might look like running up a steepish hill (golf course hill) for 15 seconds, walk back and 90 sec recovery total, run again, walk back and run again. (A total of three times). Thats 1 set of 3 reps. Then 3 min recovery and repeat for a total of 3 sets.

More on swim and bike next post.

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