Whole wheat sourdough bread.

wp-1460245795649.jpgWhen I enter a base training period and start to work on my endurance (pushing back fatigue), I need carbs to fuel the workout so that I dont start to break down any gains i may have made. I also need carbs in the first duration of post workout to aid rapid recovery. Quality carbs are essential so I’ve been baking my own bread with organic spelt flour for a while now. My bread has a better taste than what is usually available and importantly,  I know whats it it.

Up until now, my bread has had only 4 ingredients….flour, salt, water and yeast. (Compared to up to 30 ingredients in the manufactured bread-like substance that I can buy at my local supermarket.)

Having just watched Michael Pollan’s new series “cooked”, I discovered that I can harvest yeast from the air. Yep, its all around us. This means that I can make my bread using only 3 ingredients. Flour salt and water. (organic spelt, filtered water, sea salt).

Will update when done. The recipe I’m using as a starting point is here: Sourdough with 3 ingredients.

Update Day 3.

After bubbling along all day of day 2, day 3 began with a flat soggy looking mess. The water had separated from the dough. No bubbles. This site suggests that this may be due to lack of food for the yeast thingies. So I added a large teaspoon of flour, and stirred it in.  More later.

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swim bike run surf compete cook travel read tweak garmin motorola giant saucony

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