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Time to begin more formal part of my prep for Novembers Kingscliff triathlon.

Base 1 training. Endurance and Strength for 2 weeks. Make the runs longer. Increase intensity.
Same for bike and swim.

Measure duration in terms of time not distance.
By measuring time, I lesson the impulse to race myself over distance, by racing I am extending myself to soon. So instead of a ten km run, i can do 25 mins out and 25 mins back.

Intensity low, duration high.
Gradually adapt the body to high levels of stress by starting with long-duration workouts and gradually shift toward race-appropriate-intensity workouts as the season progresses. Past experience is a good guide. Lots of work in zone 2.

Don’t do anaerobic vo2 max workout until later parts of base 2.

In Base 1 I build up to doing 1 or 2 hours steady in zone 2. In Base 2 this is extended.

Update 08/08/2016: Base 1 going well. No overeaching. Small steps. Trying to keep heart in correct zone. (Slower up hills and faster on flats when running). Bike is good. Made a small adjustment to bars…(lower by 5 mm, and rolled forward by 2mm. Much more comfortable now, can stay in aero for longer, and my times are good.

Swim?..well its a swim. When the weather warms a bit then the focus will be on that. Recovery important, after a session I check the estimate of calories used, (yay for the trusty fr620) then I replace those calories immediately with a shake.

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