Base 1

Time to begin more formal part of my prep for Novembers Kingscliff triathlon.

Base 1 training. Endurance and Strength for 2 weeks. Make the runs longer. Increase intensity.
Same for bike and swim.

Measure duration in terms of time not distance.
By measuring time, I lesson the impulse to race myself over distance, by racing I am extending myself to soon. So instead of a ten km run, i can do 25 mins out and 25 mins back.

Intensity low, duration high.
Gradually adapt the body to high levels of stress by starting with long-duration workouts and gradually shift toward race-appropriate-intensity workouts as the season progresses. Past experience is a good guide. Lots of work in zone 2.

Don’t do anaerobic vo2 max workout until later parts of base 2.

In Base 1 I build up to doing 1 or 2 hours steady in zone 2. In Base 2 this is extended.

Update 08/08/2016: Base 1 going well. No overeaching. Small steps. Trying to keep heart in correct zone. (Slower up hills and faster on flats when running). Bike is good. Made a small adjustment to bars…(lower by 5 mm, and rolled forward by 2mm. Much more comfortable now, can stay in aero for longer, and my times are good.

Swim?..well its a swim. When the weather warms a bit then the focus will be on that. Recovery important, after a session I check the estimate of calories used, (yay for the trusty fr620) then I replace those calories immediately with a shake.

Base 2 day 2 Long bike.

62 Km down freeway to Tintenbar and return. Lots of heavy rain for the last fifteen km. (Was very dark as well.)

2 hours after my return I’m feeling like I worked hard. Need recovery.

Recovery: feeling better after 3 hours. was feeling a bit weak and lethargic until then. Fueled right when i got home. Bowl of oats, banana and honey sandwich. (3 hour workout requires 3 hour recovery and refuelling)

2 weeks of “Base 2” training ahead.

Base 2

Uh huh. Base 2.  Yep. Sounds great. Sounds kinda “pro”…what is it again?

Well base 2 training, according to “triathlon’s most trusted guide” , comes after base 1. with the addition of:

sport-specific muscular force training with hill work incorporated into steady, moderate effort bike and run workouts. I described these here. For swimming, paddles and drag devices will help to create more force.

I’ll also include some 3-zone muscular endurance training now. This could be something such as 2 x 20 minutes (5-minute recoveries) or 3 x 12 minutes (3-minute recoveries). The hard part here is getting the athlete to hold back and stay in zone 3. Many want to bump it up to zone 4. There will be lots of time for that later on.

Aerobic endurance and speed skills workouts continue as before. The endurance sessions continue to get longer as the skills sessions continue as in Base 1.

Joe Friel

So for me…entering base 2 phase I get 2 workouts in each sport per week. I figure one endurance and one force rep. So a running week would look like a Monday 12 km run (65 mins at current pace) and within this run try to accumulate 10 to 20 minutes of running in zone 3 (163 to 171 bpm). Then the next running workout on Thursday might look like running up a steepish hill (golf course hill) for 15 seconds, walk back and 90 sec recovery total, run again, walk back and run again. (A total of three times). Thats 1 set of 3 reps. Then 3 min recovery and repeat for a total of 3 sets.

More on swim and bike next post.