Peak Nutrition

Currently I am five days out from my event and I’m feeling good. I put this down to better timing of my meals. Peak/taper week means a few more changes to both timing and composition of my meals.

 From race day (Saturday) counting back, (to thursday).Sports_Nutrition_for_Enduance_Athetes

(adapted from Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes.)

Saturday: replace liver glycogen that I lose during sleep. Four hours before race, eat! For every hour of digestion before race I can eat half gram of carb per pound. (1.1g per kilo) I weigh 163 pound (74 kg). So that’s 81 gm per hour x 4 which is 324 gm carbs. Big meal, yeah, but I have 4 hours to digest it. Also I must continue to hydrate: fuel up with sports drink (my recipe coming soon) before the bike leg.

Friday: focus on adequate carbs, in simple easy digest form. Minimal fat and minimal protein. Consumed before 5pm. 6 grams per kilo of carbs. roughly 450 grams of carb spread out.

Thursday: 7g per kg. 518 g carbs. Recipes will be forthcoming.